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David Sutton

David Sutton didn’t wake up one morning proclaiming, “I want to be a pet photographer!” When he was very small, he wanted to be a veterinarian. When he got a little bigger, he decided he wanted to be a photographer. So naturally David attended four universities over seven years and got a degree in…German.

Thankfully, David’s passion for photography never waned. His passion for shooting editorial photos of computer types and CEOs for a living however, eventually did.

Never would he have guessed that, in his thirties, his two earliest career aspirations would collide. Enter Zane!, a border Collie/Cattle dog with enough energy to warrant an exclamation point at the end of his name. One day in 1993, after a sitting with a corporate type in his studio, David planted his new dog Zane! on the backdrop and started shooting. The results were fantastic. So are the highlights of his career.

Sutton’s portraits of people and their pets have been featured extensively in national media including the Today Show and Animal Planet, as well as in the Chicago Tribune, Denver Post, Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, Chicago Sun-Times and Crain’s Chicago Business. He has also exhibited his work in numerous venues including Hermés of Paris and Takishimaya New York.

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  • 2008 Big Book of Babies by J.C. Suares
  • 2009 Life With Dogs, Time-Life Publications
  • 2012 Cigar Box Guitars, Fox Chapel Publishing

Media Coverage

  • Forbes FYI
  • Chicago Tribune
  • Sun-Times Newsgroup
  • Popular Photography
  • Chicago Tribune Sunday Magazine
  • Chicago Parent
  • Chicago Social
  • Denver Post
  • Ft. Worth Star Telegram
  • Dallas Morning News
  • Crain's Chicago Business

David Sutton has been profiled on more than a dozen television programs, including:

  • The Today Show
  • Animal Planet
  • ABC 7 News Sunday Morning - Chicago
  • NBC 5 Morning News - Chicago
  • 190 North - Chicago
  • Metromix TV - Chicago
  • Fox News – Chicago
  • Channel 7 News – Chicago


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