Tips for a Successful Session

To help you make the most of this experience, we've created this brief but important checklist. You are also welcome to call us as many times as you like prior to your sitting. 

On the Day of the Session

ARRIVE ON TIME – Please plan to arrive on time for your appointment, but not too early.

CLOTHING – Above all, be comfortable and casual.

Good: Casual clothes, solids, nice textures, simple lines.

Please Avoid:

  • Black and white (if possible)

  • Bold patterns (like stripes or plaids)

  • Graphics and logos

  • Shorts and skirts

Consider your shoes, because they’ll almost certainly appear in some of the  pictures.

PREPARING YOUR PETS – Be sure to take your dog for a brief walk after you arrive, especially if you’ve been in the car for more than a few minutes. Some (but not too much) exercise is good on the day of the session.

Please don't have your pets groomed or bathed on the same day as your sitting.

If your pet has dietary restrictions, bring treats they can eat.

Keep all dogs ON LEASH, please; keep cats IN CARRIERS. 

RAIN or SNOW – If it rains, or if there's snow on the ground, please carry the shoes you plan to wear for your portraits.

DIRECTIONS – Our address is 3417 Church, Evanston. You’ll find us at the SE corner of Church St. and East Prairie in Skevanston (Skokie/Evanston), just West of McCormick.

Post Session

Right after we’ve wrapped up your session we’ll take care of paperwork and schedule your ordering consultation.

We’ll also ask you to sign a model release form. While you are not required to sign the release (we respect your privacy and will not ask questions about your decision), signing our release allows us to use our favorite photographs in our exhibitions, promotional materials, advertising and licensing.